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Sunday, September 16th, 2007
1:37 pm
Orlando: Lake Eola Ladle Fest, Oct. 8-10
International Call for Solidarity with Orlando Food Not Bombs:
Lake Eola Ladle Fest!
Oct. 8-10

On April 4th, Eric Montanez became the first Food Not Bombs member in Orlando arrested under the City's anti-homeless food sharing ordinance. That measure, aimed at Orlando FNB and other groups that help hungry and homeless people, bans unpermitted food sharings of more than 25 people in more than three dozen downtown parks. Groups only are allowed two one-time permits per per park in a 12-month period. Eric's trial starts Mon., Oct. 8. In addition, five other FNB comrades arrested under a City noise ordinance while drumming outside a fund-raising event for Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer have a pre-trial hearing on Oct. 10.

Eric is, of course, one of hundreds of Food Not Bombs members arrested over our movement's more than 25-year history for the "crime" of sharing food with the hungry and homeless and directly challenging the poverty and inequality that make FNB necessary. His trial will set a precedent that will affect FNB and other anti-poverty groups throughout the country; so what happens to Eric and Orlando Food Not Bombs should be of concern to all of us. Cities and developers around the country are keeping a watchful eye on Orlando to see what they may be able to get away with. The City and business interests need to know that we will not let them take away our rights and tighten thescrews on the poor and homeless through gentrification and criminalizing homelessness. To put pressure on the City, we will hold Lake Eola Ladle Fest--a three-day event in Lake Eola Park in the very spot where Eric was arrested by more than a dozen uniformed and undercover Orlando police for ladling out stew to the homeless.

From Oct. 8-10, we would like FNB members from around the country to stand in solidarity with Eric, OFNB, and the local poor and homeless by helping us share breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and also holding various events and workshops throughout the day. We hope to attract as many of our community's homeless and low-income residents, and supporters from around the country, as possible. We also as a group will walk to the courthouse each morning and we encourage people to show support for Eric by attending his trial. The third day we will hold "The March of Mimes" in support of the Cruddy Dyer-rhea Drum Corps 5--Ryan Hutchinson, Bryan Jones, Brett Mason, Eric, and Will Vertlieb--and also free speech rights.

We here in Orlando we can provide some sleeping space. People are encouraged to bring items such as canned goods, fresh veggies and prepackaged snacks to donate. Also there will be a really really free market that will be available for the homeless and low income residents, so brings things to donate to that, too.

The Lake Eola Ladle Fest begins on the morning of October 8 in the park's picnic area which is located at the corner of Central and Osceola in downtown Orlando. If you are coming the night before or have any questions, e-mail us at orlandofnb@orlandofoodnotbombs.org and we'll try to find you a place to stay at our collective house(s).

Please forward this message far and wide. We need as many people as possible to participate.

Orlando Food Not Bombs
Sunday, July 29th, 2007
10:31 am
Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs Under Attack!
From: brian sprinkle <distancedself@hotmail.com>
To: benny orlando direct action <bennyrizzo@revolution.gq.nu>, ... marc silverstein <nabat@hotmail.com>,...
Subject: Fort Lauderdale Food Not Bombs Under Attack!
Date: Sun, 29 Jul 2007 04:44:57 -0400


(954)Food Not Bombs is a local grassroots collective that shares hot meals with anyone who wishes to join, every Friday at 3 p.m. in downtown Fort Lauderdale. The purpose of Food Not Bombs is to create an environment of community for members of society that are displaced, as well set an example based on human needs and solidarity. Every gathering is a potluck picnic that is cooked from food that would have otherwise been thrown away, stressing the need for a culture of sharing and equality. The society we live in promotes a culture of waste and privilege based on class division. Through our weekly gathering we strive to break down these relationships. To live in this world together, we need to learn to help our brothers and sisters when they need it.

Unfortunately, after more than a year of existence, the city of Fort Lauderdale and the so-called "big wigs" have decided that Food Not Bombs should not gather in Stranahan Park located in front of the Main Library downtown. In recent weeks, the police and park rangers have confronted us with a city ordinance stating the following:
2.2 Social Services. Parks shall be used for recreation and relaxation, ornament, light and air for the general public. Parks shall not be used for business or social service purposes unless authorized pursuant to a written agreement with City.
As used herein, social services shall include, but not be limited to, the provision of food, clothing, shelter or medical care to persons in order to meet their physical needs.


The city of Fort Lauderdale views us as a problem because they wish to drive the homeless population away from this area so that only the privileged can enjoy the public facilities. Food Not Bombs holds firm to the belief that this space should be free for all to enjoy and have picnics in regardless of social standing. Given our principles, Food Not Bombs will not leave this park and is seeking the support of the community to stand with us against this unjust ordinance. This past Friday we were told to leave or be arrested. We will be there this Friday regardless of the orders from the city. It is our right to share food with whoever we wish in a public area and we will not be stopped!

If you feel that Food Not Bombs is a valid part of the community and should be allowed to continue sharing food, come out this Friday at 3 p.m. in front of the Main Library located just east of Andrews Ave. on Broward Blvd.

If you would like to express your grievance to the city over this issue contact:
Mr. George Gretsas, City Manager, City of Fort Lauderdale
100 N. Andrews Avenue
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 828-5013 (office)
(954) 828-5021 (fax)
Thursday, June 28th, 2007
12:57 am
6 Members of Orlando Food Not Bombs Arrested
Six members of Orlando Food Not Bombs (OFNB) were arrested today (Wed., June 27) in downtown Orlando outside a fund-raiser for Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer. The six OFNB members, Jonathan Giralt, Ryan Hutchinson, Bryan Jones, Brett Mason, Eric Montanez and Will Vertlieb, were arrested under a City of Orlando noise ordinance when they refused to quit drumming as part of the protest, citing their free speech rights. Dyer was holding his fund-raiser in a restaurant located on the bottom floor of The Sanctuary, a downtown condominium complex, located about two blocks from Lake Eola Park where OFNB shares. The police confiscated some of the drums that had been used as "evidence" and had OPD's Crime Scene Unit take pictures of the protest site and the remaining protestors from OFNB.

Bond for five of those arrested is $250.00 each; however, they have elected to stay in jail until their first court appearance sometime tomorrow to see if they can be released on their own recognizance. Two of OFNB's lawyers already have met with the adult arrestees at the jail. Giralt, a juvenile, will be released to his parents' recognizance. About 40 people participated in the protest. It was held to denounce Dyer's policies towards homelessness in Orlando and his support of the City's "large group food sharings" ordinance (enacted in July 2006) which, essentially, bans giving away food inside more than three dozen parks in downtown Orlando. Orlando Food Not Bombs has found ways to circumvent the food sharing ban to the extreme displeasure of the Mayor and Orlando City Commissioner Patty Sheehan (the chief proponent of the ordinance) and continues to share inside Lake Eola Park every Wednesday. The ordinance was enacted owing to gentrification and development pressures in Orlando's Thornton Park and Lake Eola Heights neighborhoods.

This was the second Dyer fundraiser at which OFNB has staged a noisy, spirited protest and there is the possibility that today's arrests were politically motivated--revenge for the first anti-Dyer protest. That action, held on May 16 outside a business only a few hundred yards from where OFNB shares, received considerable media coverage. Hutchinson and Montanez are two of the plaintiffs in the federal lawsuit filed in October of 2006 against the City over the anti-homeless food sharing ordinance. That lawsuit is expected to come to trial in June of 2008. Montanez, on April 4, became the first person arrested under the anti-homeless food sharing ordinance. His trial on that charge will start on Sept. 10. OFNB member Matt Houston was trespassed from Lake Eola Park on May 9 when park rangers called police to break up the group's sharing, although his trespass warning was later rescinded.

OFNB's lawyers are reviewing whether the Orlando police properly applied the ordinance which they used to make the arrests.

Further updates will be released later.

For more information on Orlando Food Not Bombs, go to http://orlandofoodnotbombs.org

To contact Orlando Food Not Bombs: orlandofnb@orlandofoodnotbombs.org

To donate to Orlando Food Not Bombs: make the check payable to Carrot and Fist Collective, Inc.
P.O. Box 540957
Orlando, FL 32854-0957
Monday, March 19th, 2007
11:12 am
Need Protest Photos
If anyone witnessed this arrested, took photos/video we need you! Please if anyone has contacts with someone who took video or photos have them contact us.

My brother was arrested and charged with assault of an officer, for "spitting" on him. When in reality he was only spitting out the pepper spray. He was not read his Miranda Rights and we need footage of the arrest.

Email me at: rcastill@ringling.edu


Thank you
Peace and Solidarity
Saturday, December 9th, 2006
2:00 pm
Friday, November 17th, 2006
10:24 pm
Protest at the Mexican Consulate in Orlando: Nov. 20
Please join us in Solidarity with the Teachers and People of Oaxaca,
Mexico- Dead, Wounded, Jailed, and Kidnapped, in a day of action and
protest in loving memory of IMC Journalist Brad Will and all those
still in need of justice. We will converge on the Orlando Mexican
Consulate at 10 AM on Monday, November 20, 2006 to protest and bear
witness to the ongoing atrocities.

The Orlando Consulate is located at 100 W. Washington St., Orlando, FL
for directions please use mapquest.com. To offer rides or if in
need of a ride in your community, email grommit77@juno.com.


Action signs, banners, and giant puppets for street theatre will begin
being planned and built with a potluck at noon on November 11, 2006 at
334 19th Ave South.

There will be non-violence training for those planning to bear witness
(risk arrest) on November 18th, 2006 from 10 AM to 2 PM in Lassing Park
(19th Ave SE and Beach Drive SE in the Old South East of St.
Petersburg). For rain locations, to sign up for the training,
directions to the puppetry/art potluck or for more information email
grommit77@juno.com or call 727-688-5901.

For more information on the ongoing struggle in Oaxaca, Mexico,
Please visit indymedia.org.

Help is needed making this day effective by group sponsorship,
publicity, art creation, donation of supplies, and financial
contributions for supplies and legal support. If you can help, email
grommit77@juno.com or call 727-688-5901.
Friday, October 27th, 2006
1:40 am
Miami community members occupy land!! Donations/help needed!!
"Can't find a home in Miami? Well then take the land back!"
-jhon luna

At about 3pm on Monday Oct. 23rd, a coalition of local Black community
organizations, Homeless groups, anti-racist youth and local community
members occupied an empty city owned lot at the intersection of NW
17th Ave & 62 St. in Miami's Liberty City. The corner lot, once the
location of several public housing facilities and most recently littered
with trash is now the home of a growing shantytown for the area's homeless &
impoverished residents. In the midst of local political scandals,
corruption, mismanagement and a backwards housing policy, locals have
empowered themselves to create the housing the city has not. Local
political leaders continue to remain stagnant in their abilities to help
the city's working class communities of color, so these communities have
taken it upon themselves to combat the hardship that face them on a daily

It's been a couple of months since the local newspaper the Miami Herald
published a series on the housing emergency called "House of Lies." What
local residents & activists have been voicing for years, local politicians
finally responded to when a large media outlet cornered them with the facts,
photographs and documents of corruption and an at best idiotic housing
policy eliminating housing as the demand for it grows. Since the late
1990s local politicians have been giving away millions of dollars
earmarked for affordable housing and city & county owned land to luxury
condominium developers. Affordable housing becomes scarcer by the week as
homes and apartments buildings are razed for the ever-expanding skyline of
luxury high-rise condominiums for the city's incoming gentrifiers. A
phenomenon not unique to Miami, gentrification is tearing though urban
centers across the country and displacing low-income communities of color
with more affluent and whiter residents.

Since the publication of "House of Lies," there have been protests, an
occupation of a County Hall meeting, sit-ins at different County Commission
funding meetings and a list of demands presented to local officials. All
have been ignored. Meanwhile the city continues to drop millions into the
newly finished Carnival Center of the Performing Arts and pushing to break
ground on the Crosswinds luxury condominiums. Both facilities are in Miami's
Overtown, once a mecca of Black culture now one of the poorest areas in
the entire country. As for the rest of the city, Miami is the third
poorest city in the U.S. after the push to displace even more poor people
out of the city so that we would no longer be the Number One poorest city
in the country.

Meanwhile at the shantytown in Liberty City, the communal circle and fire
are being built, more tents are being erected, a children's area is being
put together, gardens and trees are making their way into the lot. There
is talk of hosting everything from workshops on permaculture, spoken word
events and maybe film showings if a projector can be donated. Residents
from the surrounding communities, including the Pork & Beans Projects, are
coming into the community donating what little time and resources they
have in full support of the efforts of the shantytown. While providing
housing for those that need it, the shantytown will be training incoming
residents in the skills involved in its construction & maintenance so that
people can replicate it elsewhere. Volunteers of all capabilities are
encouraged to come in and help as much or as little as they can. Residents
are sharing responsibilities, space, & food as they get prepared to keep
camp for the long haul. What are the demands of the shantytown's
residents? The same they have been for years: decent, clean affordable
housing for all that need it.

For more information:
Max Rameau, Center for Pan-African Development, <mailto:afrimax@gmail.com>afrimax@gmail.com
Amanda Seaton, <mailto:amandaseaton2004@yahoo.com>amandaseaton2004@yahoo.com 305-978-8612"

"Donations needed for Shantytown in Liberty City!!!!!!!

We need:

-sleeping bags and blankets
(***no dishes or utensils, please, we have plenty)
-people or groups to volunteer to taken on a day or two to cook a full meal
-construction materials:
wood pallets, other good wood scraps, plywood, long nails (3 inch),
screws, cinder blocks, rebar
-trash cans and/or 55 gallon barrels
-spray paint
-things for kids' area: toys, art supplies
-mulch and soil
-large storage containers
-disposable gloves
-drinking water in large conatiners (gallon jugs or bigger, so as not to
use so many plastic bottles)
-volunteers to cook, build, do child care!!!

Bring donations directly to the site at 17th ave and 62nd st NW or call:
Max at 786-556-6881 or
Amanda at 305-978-8612"
Sunday, August 13th, 2006
5:43 pm
Friday, August 11th, 2006
1:49 am
Orlando: S.T.O.P. 'Dialogue Dinner': Mon., Aug. 14

For immediate release:

Contact: George Crossley, 407.619.1520
John Barry, 407.733.7330
Ben Markeson, 407.252.1379

Members of S.T.O.P.--Stop the Ordinance Partnership--will hold a group
feeding at Orlando City Hall on Monday, Aug.14, from 5-6 p.m. In addition
to providing food for the homeless, the purpose of the event is to invite
Mayor Dyer and members of the City Council to a "Dinner Dialogue" to
discuss humane and constitutional alternatives to the city's recently
enacted "large group feedings" ordinance. Although previous attempts at
dialogue have been ignored by the City Council, S.T.O.P. hopes that the
invitation to this wholesome and nutritional Dinner Dialogue will prove to
be irresistible.

S.T.O.P. considers the ordinance to violate the U.S. and Florida
constitutions' religious freedom guarantees, since many groups sharing food
downtown do so based upon their Christian or other spiritual beliefs. The
measure also runs counter to constitutional rights of free association and
equal access to public accommodations such as parks, and is viewed by
S.T.O.P. as an attempt by the City of Orlando to further criminalize
homelessness in our community.

Under the ordinance, any group intending to share food in a downtown park
with a group involving 25 or more people (including servers) must purchase
a permit from the City. Any person, group, or organization is only allowed two
one-time permits per park in a twelve-month period. The ordinance effectively
stops groups who share food weekly in a single location, such as Lake Eola
Park, from continuing to alleviate the hunger of the estimated 7,000-12,000
homeless individuals in Central Florida.

The city has set aside a designated feeding site on Sylvia Lane near City
Hall, which is a high-crime area. Five homeless men have been beaten by
teenagers in this area over the last several months, including one, August
Felix, who later died as a result of his injuries. This dangerous site is
an example of the separate and unequal facilities the city is imposing upon
a group of people based on their socio-economic status. While the site has
portable toilets, it lacks running water, which means there's no way to
wash one's hands after using the bathroom, raising sanitary concerns when
food is being handled and consumed. When considered together with the
passing of the anti-feeding ordinance, the imposition of this inadequate
site reveals a lack of concern for the well-being of many of Orlandoís
citizens on the part of the City Council.

Orlando has a long history of adopting harsh policies towards the homeless
and attempting to drive them out of our community. Individuals caught
sleeping in parks or panhandling outside of the city's poorly marked and
out-of-the-way panhandling zones often are arrested. Despite the city
having just broken its all-time record for homicides in a single calendar
year, it is reported that the Orlando Police have created an undercover
task force for the express purpose of arresting homeless people panhandling
or asking for food. Many homeless people and groups who share food with
them and provide other forms of assistance report a continued and
widespread pattern of police harassment, particularly in the downtown area.

Groups participating in Monday's group food sharing will include the 1st
Vagabond Church of God, a ministry by the homeless for the homeless; and
Orlando Food Not
. Members of the public, Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer and the City
Commissioners are invited to attend this event.

S.T.O.P. is a broad-based coalition of local homeless service providers and
civic, religious, political and activist groups that oppose the ordinance
and other government measures that crimininalize homelessness and seek to
hinder the activities of grassroots groups that provide services, such as
food, to homeless individuals. S.T.O.P. believes that local governments
should treat homeless people with respect and dignity and as equals
entitled to the full rights of citizenship. S.T.O.P. advocates for real
solutions to the problems of homelessness in our community, including
medical programs, job training programs, affordable housing programs, labor
and wage improvement policies, and a drop-in center for homeless
individuals where they can receive necessary assistance.

At the Dinner Dialogue, S.T.O.P. looks forward to working with the city in
identifying and developing an action plan for implementing viable solutions
to homelessness in lieu of criminalization.
Sunday, August 6th, 2006
9:01 am
Sunday, July 30th, 2006
9:36 am
Friday, July 21st, 2006
5:07 pm
S.top T.he O.rdinance P.artnership
S.top T.he O.rdinance P.artnership

Orlando Food Not Bombs, the Central Florida Chapter of
the American Civil Liberties Union
, and others
recently have come together to form S.T.O.P. (Stop The
Ordinance Partnership). S.T.O.P. is a broad-based
coalition of local homeless service providers and
civic, religious, political and activist groups
dedicated to stopping the ordinance proposed by the
City of Orlando that would effectively ban the sharing
of food with hungry and homeless people in public
parks downtown. S.T.O.P. opposes any government
measure that crimininalizes homelessness and seeks to
hinder the activities of grassroots groups that
provide services, such as food, to homeless

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Tuesday, June 13th, 2006
5:44 pm
From: "Arther Guerilla" artguerilla@care2.com
Subject: Outraged Residents Take Control of Public Space: Modify Offensive
Date: Tue, 13 Jun 2006 13:14:30 -0400

Outraged Residents Take Control of Public Space: Modify Offensive Billboard

i'm putting the message and the photos behind an LJ-cut because of the size of the photos. Enjoy!

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Thursday, June 1st, 2006
2:40 pm
Homeless at High Risk for Attacks

Human Rights


Homeless at high risk for attacks
In the past 6 years, nearly two-thirds of the assailants were 11 to 19 years old, data show.

Terry O. Roen
Sentinel Staff Writer

May 30, 2006

A year ago, a homeless man pleaded in vain for his life as a group of teenagers beat him to death at his campsite in the woods of Holly Hill.

The attackers have since been sentenced to decades in prison, but the homeless are no safer, advocates say.

Violence stalks the streets and the woods where they sleep, and the biggest threat is from teenagers.

From 1999 to 2005, there were 472 attacks on the homeless, which resulted in 169 deaths nationwide, according to the National Coalition for the Homeless in Washington, D.C. Nearly two-thirds of the attackers were between 11 and 19 years old.

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Friday, May 26th, 2006
8:01 pm
Eighth Annual Southern Girls Convention in Houston TX June 23-25
Date: Thu, 25 May 2006 11:25:30 -0700 (MST)
From: ...
To: south@lists.mutualaid.org, seanet@lists.riseup.net
Subject: [seanet] Eighth Annual Southern Girls Convention in Houston TX June 23-25

Eighth Annual Southern Girls Convention.
June 23-25, 2006.
Houston, Texas.

WWW: http://southerngirlsconvention.org/2006/
The Southern Girls Convention is an annual grassroots meeting for
networking, organizing, educating, agitating, and activism, devoted to
empowering women, girls, and transfolks in the South, and to
furthering the struggle for social justice. Each year‚s convention is
hosted by a different Southern community and facilitated by local
organizers. Past conventions have brought together hundreds of folks
in Memphis, Tennessee; Louisville, Kentucky; Auburn, Alabama; Athens,
Georgia; Asheville, North Carolina; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
This year, Southern Girls Convention invites activists from across the
country to meet in HOUSTON, TEXAS on the weekend of June 23-25, 2006.
Hundreds of activists will meet for discussion, action, and
entertainment devoted to building a feminist community in the South.
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Tuesday, May 9th, 2006
1:54 am
Anarchist Robin Hoods Give Poor a Taste of the High Life
Date: Tue, 09 May 2006 00:56:25 -0500
From: Chuck <chuck@mutualaid.org>
To: Infoshop <infoshop-news@infoshop.org>
Subject: [Infoshop News] German 'Robin Hoods' Give Poor a Taste of the High

German 'Robin Hoods' Give Poor a Taste of the High Life

A GANG of anarchist Robin Hood-style thieves, who dress as superheroes
and steal expensive food from exclusive restaurants and delicatessens to
give to the poor, are being hunted by police in the German city of Hamburg.

The gang members seemingly take delight in injecting humour into their
raids, which rely on sheer numbers and the confusion caused by their
presence. After they plundered Kobe beef fillets, champagne and smoked
salmon from a gourmet store on the exclusive Elbastrasse, they presented
the cashier with a bouquet of flowers before making their getaway.

The latest robbery is part of a pattern over the past several months,
suggesting that the thieves deliberately set out to highlight what they
perceive as the inequality inherent in German society.

However, the authorities do not agree. Bodo Franz, a police spokesman,
said: "They get off feeling they are just like Robin Hood. There are
about 30 in the group. But whatever their motives, they are thieves,
plain and simple."

Carsten Sievers, the manager of a luxury supermarket in the wealthy
Blankenese area of Hamburg, recently watched the robbers run off with
trolleys full of expensive foodstuffs, including Kobe beef which, at
more than £100 a pound, is always on their illicit shopping list.

In another recent swoop, the gang emptied a groaning buffet table in a
top restaurant into sacks, while one of their number held up a sign
saying. "The fat years are over" - the title of a hit film currently
doing the rounds in Germany.

In internet statements, the gang have made a point of saying their booty
is distributed to Hartz IV recipients - the poorest of Germany's
long-term unemployed. The benefit is named after the disgraced
Volkswagen personnel director Peter Hartz who, before he lost his job
with the car-maker in a prostitutes-and-bribes scandal, devised the new
means-testing which is loathed and derided by society's most
economically challenged.

When the gang robbed the gourmet store in April - triggering a massive
police investigation that cost £20,000 in taxpayers' money without an
arrest being made - they left a note behind saying: "Without the
abilities of the superheroes to help them, it would be impossible for
ordinary people to survive in the city of the millionaires."

Police say they are concentrating their investigation on a loose
collective of anarchists and malcontents called "Hamburg in Vain", to
which they believe the superheroes belong. But they admit there is a
certain panache and skill about their robberies. indicating a strong
criminal element as well.

The gang are also behind black market cinema tickets which they
distribute free to the poor, and they have printed leaflets telling
passengers how to dodge ticket inspectors on the city's underground and

Mr Franz said: "They try to make crime fun but are politically motivated."

Donate to Infoshop.org: http://www.infoshop.org/donate.html
infoshop-news mailing list
Saturday, April 22nd, 2006
7:28 am
Call for an Anarchist Bloc at May Day Immigrant Rights March in Orlando

!Ningún Estado, Ningunos Jefes, Ningunas Fronteras
Unidas Con Los Trabajadores Inmigrantes Jamás Será Vencido!

"No State, No Bosses, No Borders
United With Immigrant Workers We Will Never Be Defeated"

We call for an anarchist bloc at the statewide immigrant rights march and rally, a "Day of Respect," to be held in Orlando on May Day--Mon., May 1, from noon-4 p.m. in downtown Orlando. (This march and rally is being sponsored by ACORN, the Farmworkers Association of Florida and Jobs with Justice, with support from AFL-CIO unions.)

We call for Florida anarchists to participate in this rally to show support for immigrants, whether documented or undocumented, marching and rallying for greater equality and freedom.

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Monday, April 3rd, 2006
2:33 pm
Posted on Couchsurfing.com community....

March 30, 2006
1:59 PM

CONTACT: Food Not Bombs
Contact: Keith McHenry 520-770-0575

War Protesters to "Turn Themselves In" to Federal
Stand Up for First Amendment
Food Not Bombs and its co-founder Keith McHenry are
subjected to FBI spying

Friday, March 31st, 9:30 am, Tucson FBI Office, 1 S.
Church Ave, Tucson, Arizona.

Free-speech advocates and war protesters all across the
United States will turn themselves in to the FBI this
Friday, March 31st Through this action, participants
will ease the workload of federal spies, freeing them
up to engage in legitimate law-enforcement activities
that will keep our country safer. Participants will
also save taxpayer money, thereby demonstrating the
patriotism of war opponents.

Through satire and humor, Food Not Bombs volunteers are
calling attention to the serious issue of domestic
spying by the Pentagon, NSA and FBI. In particular,
the group is highlighting the recently revealed FBI
has included Food Not Bombs on its “Terrorist Watch
List” The FBI has been notified of this action and
will have a duty agent on hand. The local office of
the FBI indicated that Mr. McHenry is in fact under
surveillance. Mr. McHenry co-founded Food Not Bombs
which is an all-volunteer movement dedicated to
non-violence that shares vegetarian meals to the
hungry in hundreds of cities all over the world.
(www.foodnotbombs.net) As the movements co-founder he
felt it was important to turn himself in along with
the many other non-violent terrorists under
investigation by the U.S. government.

The purpose of the "turn yourself in" action is to
counter the chilling effect caused by government
surveillance and to maintain a safe space for dissent.
By embracing the title of "dissenter," protesters will
defuse the Bush administration's campaign to discredit
its foreign policy critics and will show that
opposition to the war will not be silenced. Protesters
will also highlight the hypocrisy of the Bush
Administration's policy of fighting for freedom abroad
while squelching it at home - both through FBI spying
on law-abiding peace groups and NSA eavesdropping on
American citizens without obtaining warrants.

"The government's message has been 'trust us - we're
only spying on terrorists and if you've done nothing
wrong, you have nothing to fear,'" stated Michigan
Peaceworks' program coordinator Joseph Kuilema. "But
obviously, since they're also spying on law-abiding
peace activists, that message is not true. The Bush
Administration has betrayed our trust."

Last week a law student in Austin, Texas reported that
the FBI has placed Food Not Bombs on the “Terrorist
Watch List.” The ACLU has discovered a number of FBI
memos stating that Food Not Bombs is under
investigation by the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force in
California, Colorado, Missouri and a number of other
states. Food Not Bombs co-founder Keith McHenry lives
in Tucson, Arizona and recent Pentagon documents state
that a protest against torture that he helped plan in
November 2004 is considered an “ongoing credible
terrorist threat.” Two Food Not Bombs volunteers in
Arizona were arrested on terrorism charges this past
December. One volunteer, Bill Rodgers, was found dead
in his jail cell in Flagstaff, Arizona.


The Food Not Bombs case is the latest in a series of
revelations of government surveillance of peaceful
social change organizations, such as the American
Friends Service Committee in Denver, Colorado;
Patriots for Peace in Melbourne, Florida; and Merton
Center. It raises fears among free-speech advocates
that the Bush Administration may be initiating a
modern-day version of COINTELPRO (short for
Counterintelligence Program) - the secret FBI
operation in the 1960s and 1970s that gathered
information on and attempted to destroy the
anti-Vietnam War movement, the civil rights movement,
and its leaders (most notably Rev. Martin Luther King

FBI Keeps Watch on Activists

Antiwar, other groups are monitored to curb violence,
not because of ideology, agency says.

Food Not Bombs on Terrorist Watch List in Texas

Is the Pentagon spying on Americans? By Lisa Myers,
Douglas Pasternak, Rich Gardella and the NBC
Investigative Unit Dec. 14, 2005 A secret Pentagon
database indicates the U.S. military is collecting
information on American peace activists and monitoring
Iraq war protests.

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Monday, March 27th, 2006
7:27 pm
earth day
Does anyone know about any earthday celebrations/events this year?
Monday, January 9th, 2006
7:56 pm

This was posted in the anarchist theory community. I figured maybe someone here would like to talk to them, or may be interested. They are looking for Vegan/Freegans in Tampa in Orlando, and various other cities.
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